Injectible Anti Aging Treatment (Botox Cosmetic/ Dysport)

What are injectable anti aging treatments?

Injectable anti-aging treatments are an alternative to invasive surgical procedures that suit a variety of needs, cost less and are less time consuming.  Injectable anti-aging treatments for facial wrinkles are treated in one of two ways: either through neuromuscular toxins (for example, Botox, Dysport among others); or soft tissue fillers.

Who is eligible?

Neuromuscular toxins suit faces with active lines and age related wrinkles, while soft tissue fillers mostly suit those who suffer from deep wrinkles and larger lines.  Your candid consultation with Dr El Musa will allow you and your doctor to choose the best option for your expectations.

What does the procedure entail?

Neuromuscular toxins will temporarily paralyze the wrinkle-causing muscle by injecting neurotoxins through a tiny needle.  No anesthetic is required.  It is a 15 minute procedure and has to be repeated every six to eight months to achieve maximum long-term benefit.

Soft tissue fillers restore volume and add structure to the treated area.  Fillers are injected using needles.  Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid fillers last up to 18 months and have a very natural look and feel. 

What is expected during the recovery period?

While needles will be used to inject the area to be treated, minimal discomfort will be felt.

What are the risks and complications?

Because needles are used, bruising, lumpiness, redness and product specific adverse reactions are expected.  In rare cases, there will be local infections and accidental temporary paralysis to adjacent muscles.         

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