Pursuing a passion

Inspired by his father’s medical and mother’s architectural backgrounds, he acquired the fundamentals of a unique combination-- where medicine crosses with art-- to become a plastic surgeon.

During his childhood, fine art was one of his activities. He was active, attended courses at the Jordanian Art Institute, where he learnt the principles of beauty, proportion, and shadows. Drawings, sculpture, and designs were also part of his artistic education.

He graduated from high school with honors and joined the University Of Jordan School Of Medicine.  For his specialization, he enrolled at the American University of Beirut (AUB) surgery department, in Lebanon.  This was a turning point in his life, for he matured, learnt leadership, and refined his understanding of harmony, beauty, and fashin. Six years on, he graduated as one of the best plastic surgeons of his year, full of confidence and being highly skilled, having fully grasped the concepts of surgery and beauty; he was ready to continue the learning process.

Dr. Kusai performed thousands of plastic surgeries in Beirut where he came into contact with the most appreciative clients.  In the meantime, he travelled back and forth to the United States to work with and learn from the top experts and specialists in each field.  After he graduated from the AUB, he moved to the USA where he joined the University of Miami Children’s Hospital and other private hospitals. There he trained and operated on cosmetic and craniofacial cases.   He also travelled from state to state seeking the most up to date approaches and surgeries.

In Dallas Dr .Kusai finally found what he was looking for, the meshing of medicine and knowledge.  He learnt at the hands of the best surgeons in the world in each subspecialty.   He contributed 10 chapters to prestigious books and more than 20 articles to reputable international journals.   He also presented his work at international conferences and helped leading companies in modifying and improving the distraction orthogenesis devices.

Armed with all this knowledge, he embarked on the most challenging stage of his life – returning to his country, Jordan. The plastic surgery profession was rapidly developing and gaining acceptance and recognition while the mindsets of people were maturing in this field, and for the most part, the availability of the most adequate instruments and quality supplies was lacking.  Step by step, through personal effort and perseverance, this profession was given a jumpstart and was able to match the standard of care he had been taught, aspired to, and envisioned for his fellow citizens.

Today, Dr. El Musa is a member of the Jordanian Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Society and, together with his colleagues, is working to build a solid base that can allow the regulation and advancement of this profession, in addition to ensuring a top-notch education for the younger generation that will guarantee them adequate living standards.

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