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On this page you can find more information to help make your visit and procedure with us even easier. At ELITE, we are dedicated to excellent patient care and look forward to serving you.



You can accelerate your check in process by downloading, printing and completing the forms below before you have your first visit to our plastic surgery office.

These forms must be printed and completed by hand or electronically. You can then either Fax,  email or bring them on consultation day .

To view these forms you must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader

Forms for All New Patients
Patient Information Form
Medical History
Photographic Permission and Release Form         

Forms for Breast Surgery Patients
Breast Evaluation Questionnaire
Breast Reduction Questionnaire
Instruction for Sending in Your Breast Surgery Photo               

Forms for Rhinoplasty Patients
Rhinoplasty Questionnaire

Forms for Body Contouring Patients
Body Contouring Questionnaire

Forms for Laser/ Electrolysis Hair Removal Patients

Laser/ Electrolysis Hair Removal Questionnaire
FitzPatrick skin type Questionnaire

Forms for Acne (Active and acne scars) Patients
Acne Questionnaire

Forms for Cellulite/ Fat Burning Patients
Cellulite Questionnaire

Forms for skin care and treatment Patients
Skin Treatment Questionnaire
FitzPatrick skin type Questionnaire

Forms for Pre-operative preparation
Pre-operative Instructions
Pre-operative Shopping
Surgical Consent
Financial Consent
Pre-operative Check-list

Forms for Post-operative Care
Aftercare- Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
Aftercare- Drains
Aftercare- Blepharoplasty
Aftercare- Botox/ Dysport
Aftercare- Brachioplasty
Aftercare- Buttock Augmentation
Aftercare- Buttock Lift
Aftercare- Breast Augmentation
Aftercare- Breast Reduction/ Breast Lift
Aftercare- BrowLift
Aftercare- Facelift/ Necklift
Aftercare- General Wound Care
Aftercare- Genioplasty
Aftercare- Gynecomastia
Aftercare- Laser Resurfacing
Aftercare- Laser Liposuction
Aftercare- Lip Augmentation
Aftercare- Liposuction
Aftercare- Otoplasty
Aftercare- Rhinoplasty
Aftercare- Soft Tissue Fillers
Aftercare- Thigh Lift

Other Forms
Breast Implant Exercises

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