Ear Reshaping (Ear Molds)

What are ear molds?

Deformities of the ear are a frequent occurrence among newborn infants, and many parents wrongly believe that this type of deformity will improve as the child grows older. While some improvement and reshaping may occur in some infants, recent medical statistics have proven that the opportunity to mold or reshape the pinna exist only in the first seven days following birth.  Therefore if extreme deformities are overlooked early on, then the only alternative for correction is otoplasty, which is a surgical procedure performed between the ages of three and five.

Common deformities such as prominent ear, Stahl's ear, Cup ear, and Lop ear can be successfully treated with the early application of ear molds. All of these deformities have a common factor:  an underlying cartilage malformation but no deficiency of skin or cartilage.

Who is eligible?

Newborn babies between 1-2 weeks old who are born with significantly prominent or disfigured ears.

What does the procedure entail?

The technique of ear mold treatment is fairly simple where custom made molds are fitted on the helix of the ear. This involves a combination of medical mothylmethacrylate glue, tape for fixation, and dental compound for molding and shaping.  

What is expected during the recovery period?

The mold and fixation must be secured for six weeks and worn constantly. It generally requires a change every two weeks.  Results with ear molds show an overall success of 85% and in some few cases, minor revision surgery is required.

What are the risks and complications?

This procedure falls within the “minor” category and is safe and risk free.

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