Our Office

Elite Center is renowned for having the latest high-tech devices that are used for various cosmetic procedures to achieve consistent, elegant, and natural looking results.  

The aim of our center is to improve, repair, or enhance our patients' appearance and in some cases the body's functionality.

Our work is driven by knowledge, passion, experience, a positive attitude and a sense of adventure, excitement and sense of humor; our work is more than just a job. Our work represents us. Life is our inspiration - we believe in the beauty of life!


What makes us different?

We thrive on our patients’ satisfaction. We seek to provide you with continuous up to date information on the latest treatments, enhancements and services that cover most medical procedures related to the aesthetic field.

Dr. Kusai El Musa uses the most advanced surgical techniques and minimal invasive methods, to accomplish the finest results within the shortest healing time and with the least residual scarring.

Our clinic adheres to the strictest hygienic and safety standards, particularly in the sterilization process.  All the instruments used are chemically treated, cleaned and sterilized, then autoclaved for maximum sterility.  Moreover, all the equipment, machines, furniture, floor, walls, ceiling, and ducts are sterilized by a specialized company, just like it is done in operating theaters. Therefore, all our patients at Elite Clinic receive the utmost care in hygiene and safety.

Our medical staff consists of a team of highly skilled professionals in the field, constantly monitors the advent of new technologies and improved methods which, together with their expertise, ensure total quality assurance and care.

Our administrative staff, who can confidently address your concerns with complete confidentiality, provides you with a relaxed and comfortable environment.



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